Thursday, February 23, 2012


Our niece came over last night for dinner. She was lonely and bored and just wanted some contact with her aunt and uncle. The little girl that used to watch Emeril with me and help her aunt make cookies has grown into a beautiful young woman. Normally outgoing, humorous and smiling she has been quiet and withdrawn, and her appearance has not been to her normal standards. She's a senior in high school and moved out of her moms house and in with a boyfriend. She is working a job at night and weekends. I'm worried for her. She has had a life of abandonment and we and her grandparent have been the only solid base in her life. So now on her own I think the reality of her situation is getting her down. A home she is not comfortable with, a boy friend that is not turning out to be the guy she thought he was, a place where she is away from her friends and family and alone a lot for the first time.
I am worried for my wife, Cherry Pie. At her last job she was alone most of the time and had to park in the back of the building. At this time she started talking about getting a concealed weapon permit. We started going shooting and then the weather change to winter and she doesn't do outdoor winter stuff. She hates cold. In the end she was more familiar with firearms but would not apply the things I showed her. As a result all her shots were grouped nicely but not where she wanted the to be. High left every time. Magazine after magazine high left. Winter came and the shooting stopped. Now another winter has passed and she started another job. Up front parking and she isn't alone most of the time. Yesterday she was alone and a man came in and was very loud, angry and upset over something neither she or her agency had done. Her boss came in at the end of the tirade. In the end the man left and everyone (all two of them) went back to work. I asked her what she would have done if the angy man had escalated his actions. Her reply was that her boss was there. I reminded her that he was not there for the majority of the tirade. What was she going to to do at 5'1" and 120 pounds against an angry man much bigger than her? It was only then that she told me she was looking at some shooting instruction. So I worry for her. She still has a lot of alone time, 50 miles from home. And so I worry, I worry for these two women in my life.


North said...

I pray that you have fewer worries.

Talk to these wonderful women. They need your support, they need you to be a solid part of their lives.

agirlandhergun said...

I am sorry. Worrying about those we love is tough. I agree with North, talk to them. Let them know how much you love them and how worried you are.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks folks. I do talk to my wife every day and express my concerns. The niece is another story. We rarely see her any more and it's a pity as we wre a major part of her early years.

North said...

Dean: I'll bet she texts. (OK, just stereotyping and assuming) You might not get to see her, and perhaps you are unlikely to text as if you are her BFF, but a text message every day might be what it takes to keep her connected to you.

You can 'text' from email, too, so you may not have to deal with 'text plans' and small keyboards and whatnot. If she were on Verizon, you can email to to text her (use her number there). Others:

AT&T –
Verizon –
T-Mobile –
Sprint PCS -
Virgin Mobile –
US Cellular –
Nextel -
Boost -
Alltel –

Dean Carder said...

you're right, she texts up a storm. Thanks for the info!