Thursday, October 29, 2009

Firearms training

I completely forgot to to include some great information in my post about XD pistols. Training! If you are looking for some first class firearms training check out . Take the course and get an XD free. FREE. Free is good. While at their site check the box to receive the weekly reports they provide. Another place to get outstanding training is from
This facility was started by noted gun guru Jeff Cooper. Mr. Cooper is no longer with us but his fine instruction continues at Gunsite.
For you folks in flyover country i.e. the Midwest check out

Before you spend a considerable amount of your hard earned dollars at any training facility make sure of what your getting. Ask for references and check with those references 'cause training of this kind ain't cheap.

A quick perusal of your local phone book or an Internet search will turn up firearms training closer to home and cheaper on your budget. If you are anywhere close to Utah check out for contact information to inquire about his training of all sorts.

It's rainin' again. Oh, well.

The town I live in is being overrun with squirrels. I mean it's dangerous for a man to go outside. So the city leaders have hired a team of crack troops to deal with these terroristic tree rats. Here's the results of their first raid on a den of the little devils. Score One for the good guys!

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