Monday, October 26, 2009

The stuff I like. Oh, yeah that's what I like

I made my 4 week report to the authorities(unemployment office) this morning. If you get up at a decent time you can beat all the slackers and be in and out lickety split. November 21 will be an anniversary for me. It will be officially 1 year of unemployment. What a sucky anniversary.

I spent the rest of the morning and into the afternoon getting the outside stuff done so let the cold blow and the snow fly. I put the grill away, picked up my "I'll put it away later" stuff, and stored away miscellaneous things in their proper places. Tomorrow I'll see about getting the Wheel Horse project undercover.

I have a wide array of interests and have had several hobbies until I had to trim the hobbies down to spare the budget. Here's some of my interests:
antique auto pistols (I've had my eye on some Savages lately)
side by side shotguns, old, new, plain or fancy I like 'em all
22 rifles (I have more than a few)

Motor Vehicles
El Camino's ( I'm on my 4th)
Corvettes ( I had a hard time choosing between a new Harley and a used "Vette)
Harley Davidson's (the Harley won the coin toss. Literally)
Any other motorcycle
old lawn tractors
big lifted 4 wheel drives (oh how I wish I had that '79 Bronco back)

Knives of all sorts but especially auto's
flashlights, just ask my wife
blackjacks, if they have a provenance in law enforcement
old guns with a story

hunting ( for many years all my substantial vaca time was used for hunting)
fishing(one hobby that had to go)
driving way over the speed limit (ask me about the 100MPH summer)
watching women
reading (nearly anything)
welding and fabrication
ammo reloading
gun shows

Does any of this stuff interest any of you? Want me to write about any of it? Any way, a while back on Day One I told you who I am, now I told you what I like.

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