Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hot stuff.

The "woozey" bottles I ordered finally arrived, so I took the habanero sauce out of cold storage and packaged it after heating and sterilizing everything. I then made some crappy hand made labels for them. I put a bottle in the next box to be sent to our son. I think when his mouth recovers he'll like it. The 2 gallons of stuff I started with made 5, 5 ounce bottles of sauce.

It has rained all freakin' day here, 2 inches so far and they're calling for light rain until 7:00 AM tommorrow. Our hard maple tree has just turned a gorgeous, fiery orange but all the rain is stripping the leaves off. The burning bushes look like, well they're on fire and they are faring better than the maple in the rain.

If I ever get a job I think the wife will be a little disappointed in some ways. When she got home today I had a pork loin roast, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, baked beans with onions, peppers and brown sugar and hot buttery corn bread waiting for her. Oh, and fresh sweet tea.

I'm going Saturday for a prescreening session for a position at the local power utility company. I'm sure it'll be a mad house. Probably 2-300 people will show up for 1 freaking position. And yes, I have my "papers" in order.

Cherry Pie has surprised me by desiring to get her concealed carry permit. She is not, has not been a shooter. So Sunday we are going to her brothers place to start on the basics like safety, familiarity and function, sights and operational drills. Then we'll move to the fun stuff, gongs, spinners, tin cans and clay pigeons. Then some work on actual targets. I'll be taking 3 different .22 pistols, a Ruger Mk II with the 51/2 inch bull barrel, a Smith model 422 and a Taurus PT-22 and "her" Smith model 36. We'll eventually move up to the B-27 target that Missouri specs for their shooting test. Interesting times ahead I can see. If she likes the pistols, maybe I can get her on a 10-22 and move on to Bushmaster AR later. We just have to get over the recoil avoidance issue she has. I don't think she has realized that guns mean shopping. Shopping for a new gun, ammo, holsters and other carry devices, grips, etc, etc.

The politicians are going blah, blah, blah and the world leaders are saying blah, blah, blah and the world people are saying ho hum, ho hum. That's the news in summary. Really, take a look at the news lately, there must be some big stuff getting ready to happen because all the news outlets are reporting even less than usual and airing more pseudo news. I mean even FOX had as a leader this morning a house fire in California. Whoopdy freakin' do. How about reporting on the states that are asserting 10 amendment rights? How about reporting on the court that's allowing an Obama citizenship trial to go forth? There's all kinds of news being made and every one is ignoring the main stuff and concentrating on the "entertaining" stuff.

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