Monday, October 19, 2009

Yesterday we, that is, Cherry and I, insulated the floor of the utility room. While doing that I was unloading some stuff from the truck that went into the utility room basement. Afterwards Cherry did some dishes and then I dirtied some dishes making some habanero hot sauce. Then Cherry cleaned the kitchen and I dirtied it making fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. We did managed to get in some visiting and relaxing during all the activity.
Now about that hot sauce....WOW! I used a mix of habaneros, jalapenos, serranos and cayenne's for the heat. Then I added onions, chopped apple, some pureed tomatoes, and a few spices. Cooked it for hours and hours then strained all the seeds and fibers out to leave a sauce. Man, it's good and hot. If it goes over well with the folks I'm going to give it to I will see about standardizing the recipe and marketing this stuff. For this batch I have little glass bottles coming in so I can package them right. I'm working on a name for the sauce now.

As a firearms owner and user and a Constitutionalist I have strong feeling about government restriction of firearms. When viewed from the original intent of the founding fathers any restriction on gun ownership is unconstitutional as the intent was to prevent an overly strong government. I say restriction instead of regulation because in the words of the original guys regulate meant to make regular or to drill or train. In the instance of our current government regulate actually means to restrict. Hence my use of the word restrict. So while perusing gun links and stuff of that nature I ran across this 3 part article pertaining to the history of the ATF and why the "F" should be removed from that acronym. Take some time to read the article and put some thought into it afterwards.

Now I'm off to get a new tire and an alignment. Later!

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