Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Security

A long time ago our house was broken into. This occurred while we were at work, most of our neighbors were at work and the big, bad Rhodesian Ridgeback dog was in the kennel. As a result of piss poor home security I lost several firearms and an extensive collection of switchblade knives. Not to mention a couple of nice old law enforcement issued black jacks. The front door was damaged but not opened, the side door was broken open. All in all it was a 10,000 dollar episode in our life. You want to know what we did different? NOTHING. We have been relying on the law of averages to keep us out of that game again. I have been looking at our lack of home security lately and really want to do something about it. My plan is to install a steel entry door at the front with extended double turn deadbolts as well as deadbolts in the foyer door and a steel door at the deck to replace the all glass door and full glass side lite. Think of a glass panel 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide facing homes that are empty during the day. Cherry doesn't like this plan. To many dollars and she likes all the light that comes into the dining room from that big expanse of glass. Our old home has a plethora of tall, wide windows all over the house. Perfect for any size of burglar to make entry through. After taking the time to replace everything that was stolen and with all the preparedness supplies we are laying in we can't go unprotected any longer. After looking at all the options I came up with this information.

  • Try to avoid regular routines. This is really hard if you have a job
  • Op/Sec, operational security. Don't discuss your vacation plans, daily schedules or possessions with strangers or casual acquaintances.
  • Work with all your neighbors to create an "overwatch" of all homes that are vacant during holidays, vacations, hospital stays, etc.
  • Install exterior lighting. Flood lights that turn the night into day will scare away the night time predators.
  • If this works for you home layout, build simple door blockers using simple wooden devices
  • Get a monitored alarm system. It must be monitored as a ringing bell will only draw attention in oh, about 20 minutes or so. Enough time for your valuables to walk away.
  • Install good dead bolt locks on all exterior doors. Get ones with the longest throw possible and make sure they are double turn and require keys on both sides.
  • Get a safe and use it. Keep all the valuables possible in it as well as legal papers, identity papers and spare keys. We got a nice older safe off of craigs list for about 300 dollars.
  • Keep firearms in a gun safe.
  • If you have the space and dollars, build a vault room and keep ALL you valuables in there.
  • If you depend on a dog for home security then let it do its job. Let in run in a fenced yard, not in a pen. Better yet, keep it inside. The Rhodesian we had was so attached to us we had to put him in a kennel as he would destroy the house trying to get out to be with us. The German Shepherd we have now is much better inside alone.
  • Don't grow bushes near anything a burglar could use for an entrance. If you want bushes keep them trimmed low, no more than 18 inches high.
  • Install security film on your windows. I priced the DIY stuff and it will cost over 88o dollars to do all the first floor windows. The training material and install kit are extra.
  • Here's a big, easy one, don't leave potential burglary tools outside. Keep those ladders secured, keep all hand and yard tools in the garage or basement. Put all bricks and building material in the garage or basement.

Most of this stuff is very basic and most people can afford to do them. The steel doors, window coatings and monitored alarms will require budgeting or borrowing. Why buy all the stuff in the firt place if your don't plan to keep it?

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