Monday, October 12, 2009

Kalifornia Ammo Regulations or Arnold screwed the pooch

I don't know, maybe I've had it to easy here in the Midwest. Just walk in to any outlet that sells ammunition, make my selection, pay for it and carry it home. So simple and so easy. To bad the Californians aren't going to have it that easy now that Ahnold has signed a bill that will require fingerprints to purchase ammo. And they can forget about ordering over the internet and getting home delivery. Those orders have to be delivered to an FFL holder and then picked up by the original sucker, I mean customer. Oh, don't forget to leave your fingerprints when picking up that "internet" order. The good folks of Kalifornia wish to thank the Austrian ruler. Come to think of it, didn't some other overbearing, pretentious asshole come from Austria? You remember, that Hitler guy. People, vote with your feet. If you move away from that sunny cesspool you'll find the prices are cheaper, the people are nicer and soon you'll forget about the Mexican Annex called Kalifornia.

Working on this little roof job is bring back some diminished skills. Like they say..use it or lose it. If you think about it, that goes for any skill. Hunting, shooting, cooking, sewing, you name it. You have to keep up on any skill you have. Practice, practice, practise.

Now, I'm sore and tired so...see ya!

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