Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Springfield Armory XD pistols

I have been a 1911 shooter for many years and have depended on JMB's creation for fun, and defense of family and home. At the urging of my Glock shooting son I entered the modern world and bought a polymer framed high capacity handgun in the form of the Springfield Armory XD 45 Tactical. I got a great deal on the slightly used gun, all the XD gear (poly holster, poly double mag carrier and mag loader) in the case, a spare recoil spring and guide rod and 6 magazines.

My first impression was that the grip angle is similar to that of the 1911. A trip to to the range showed flawless performance and decent 15 yard accuracy. I would like to upgrade the sight from the stock 3 dot set to a set of tritium sights or even a set of adjustables to make the most of the 5 inch barrel of the Tactical model.

For a 1911 fan the safety in the trigger took some getting used to. I mean putting your finger on the trigger to access the safety violates a lifetime of gun safety training. After a few hundred rounds I'm very pleased with this full size shooter.

Here is some information about the XD family of firearms. The XD's are made in Croatia by the HS Products Company. In it's XD form it is known in Croatia as the HS2000.

The XD won the Firearm of the Year award from both the NRA and the Academy of Firearms Excellence. The XD's are polymer framed and striker fired. Magazine capacity ranges from 9-16 depending on the model. The XD45 of mine has a capacity of 13 rounds. The safety as mentioned before, is similar to that of the Glocks in that the main safety is part of the trigger. The XD goes an extra step and includes a grip safety. It is possible order an XD with a frame mounted safety also. The sights are dovetailed front and rear and are windage adjustable only. These guns have a loaded chamber indicator also. The poly frame has an abbreviated accessory rail with two notches. The newest form of XD, the XDM has a different grip and includes interchangeable grip inserts to custom fit it to you hand as well as a more rounded slide profile.

If you're concerned about the color of your handgun the XD has it covered for you. You can get them in Black, OD Green, Dark Earth, Stainless and Black, Stainless and OD Green and of course Stainless and Dark Earth.

Depending on the model you can have barrels that are 3, 4 or 5 inches in length. Chamberings include, 9mm, 40 S&W, 357 SIG, 45 GAP and 45 ACP.

The take down procedure is similar to that of the Sig Sauer's. Remove the magazine, ensure the chamber is empty. Make sure again, that the chamber is empty then point the gun in a safe direction and pull the trigger to uncock the hammer. Next, move the slide rearward to align the take down notch with the take down lever. Swing the lever upward and the move the slide forward and off the frame. To remove the barrel, compress the recoil spring to the front of the slide and lift the barrel from the frame. That's all there is to field stripping the gun. Assemble in in the reverse order. I say this again, before disassembling the gun make sure it is EMPTY.

Take a look at these fine, dependable arms at . Then go to your local gun range and try one out or buy one new or used. I gotta say again, coming from the 1911 guns the 13 plus one capacity is GREAT. In carry form I have 2, 13 round mags in the double carrier and one 13 round mag in the gun and well as one in the chamber for a whopping total of 40 rounds! I don't need to carry this many but I find the double set of loaded mags counters the weight of the pistol.

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