Sunday, October 4, 2009

Colt Mustang -vs- SIG P238

For years I have wanted a Colt Mustang but have never been able to justify the cost for these attractive tiny 1911 pattern 380 pistols. Then SIG announced they were introducing the P238. Oh joy! A new version of the Mustang made by those precision fabricators from Switzerland. Advertised pre-production prices were in the 4-500 dollar range. Great! a couple hundred dollars cheaper than a used Colt. I guess the intro of the new copy has driven the cost of the originals down a bit. While perusing Gunbroker, I found that the two guns are now in the same price range. Oh, there a few examples of the Colt in the 900-1000 dollar range but by and large the costs for both subjects is in the 500-600 dollar range with the Colts edging to the lower price. While the SIG has a certain something about it, I think with the prices comparable I would opt for an original Mustang.
Both pistols are chambered for the .380 cartridge and both are pattered after the 1911 Colt. Both have the identical reduced dimensions and both are dependable, quality firearms. With the advent of high performance 380 ammo from today's cartridge manufacturers, the 380 is a viable pocket size carry gun. Here's a detraction to both pistols...they both need a "melt job" to really blend into a pocket. Other than that they are both beautiful examples of pocket size handguns.

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