Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Confession of sorts

Rain, Rain, Rain. Or...a day off. With working on the roof I'm building and doing all the home stuf I haven't been able to post anything. So ...back to the keyboard.

Bill Ayers said WHAT! A confession? Or just a good dose of chain yankin'? While passing through DC's Reagan Airport, blogger Anne Leary encountered the unrepentent terrorist in a coffee shop. During their conversation Ayers spontaneously admitted? to writing Obama's book entitled "Dreams From My Father". What's Bill up to? Who knows with this wack job.

All the weather liars are calling for a COLD winter. Will they be right this time? Based on this model and that model we have blank chance of possible rain or other precipitation in the next 24 hours but this model say the system will go to the southeastwesterly direction and soak the greater megapolis region. I shoulda went to college and became a weather prognosticator. I mean you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right every day. And if the odds go the wrong way...Hey, it's mother nature at work.

I'm off to the local lumber yard who is having a clearance sale on all Makita tools at 50 percent off. This is to make way for the new line of DeWalt tools they are now carrying. I really need a new cordless drill/driver. That's a term you don't hear very often anymore...lumber yard. It's all home improvement center now. Well I'm goin' to a real live lumber yard.

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