Friday, August 21, 2009

A civil? war, There's gold in them thar hills, Capiche?

With all the demands to pass legislation quickly, ignoring the peoples desires, violating the constitutional restriction on government and states rights some think that BHO is pushing the country to civil war. Hey, if it comes to that.........

Is the economy hitting you hard? Need some extra cash? Don't have a job? Do you know that gold is over 900 dollars an ounce? No wonder gold panning is being revived. Heck, dig some gravel, swish it around in a pan and wha la, you just made 900 clams! It's quite a bit more involved than that but panning is making a resurgence in this country as the times remain stagnant or, as most feel, continues to decline. As they say, there's gold in them thar hills!

I don't know how it has to be said, but Washington, DC can't figure the gun issue out. It took a Supreme court ruling to get the people the right to posses assembled, loaded firearms. Now that HELLER has gained their rights back the city says they can't carry them anywhere. As if the only crime that happens in DC is in the home. DC is the biggest cesspool of scumbags in the country. It's a shame that good people have to live there with the hoodlums, both uptown and downtown, and have to fight the city for the right to defend themselves.

The rain finally ended yesterday and now we had a globull warming high of 78 today, in August in the Midwest. More of the same coming Saturday. Gosh I hate globull warming.
Made another batch of picante sauce today and it's MUCH better. I put up 3 quarts, 1 pint and 3 half pints of the stuff. I had a hell of a time getting 3 of the lids to "pop".
Off to the big box store o' goodies tomorrow. We'll pick up a few more storage staples there as well as some day to day groceries. With the kids gone and not much to do at my Dad's for a while it's been a long boring week. Maybe next week will shape up better.

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