Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obamageddon, 9 Trillion, Gettin' ready

With all the financial problems facing this country and people, can we ever expect to see a turn around in the near future? I don't think so and I predict that there will be some improvement after the 2010 elections when many liberal Democrats as well as liberal and centrist Republicans are voted out of office. Gerald Celente from Trends Research believes that we are facing,what he calls an Obamageddon. Trends Research has made many accurate predictions in the past and with this background in prognostication many still say he's full of Hot Air. Judge for yourselves.

With all the grandiose plans the current pseudo administration has made and all the massive "changes" implemented, it is rumoured that Barry's folks are going to present a 9 TRILLION DOLLAR 10 year budget DEFICIT! That's up 1.9 TRILLION or so from their previous guesstimate. So when good Ol' Barry is removed from office by the 2012 election the next President or two can expect to catch hell about the deficit "they" have created when really, it'll be the deficit "he" created years before. Remember those first couple years of Bush 1's administration when the economy started to go to hell and every one blamed George? Then, after a year or two of investigating the numbers, it was found that the economy was screwed up from what Bill had done. Watch and see.

This week I refreshed my memory about canning food, bought 300 more .22 rounds and 50 lbs. of sugar. What have you done to improve your preparedness for you and your family? Try to do something every week. Learn a skill, gain some important knowledge, beef up the larder, beef up the armoury, beef up your muscles and endurance, make up some emergency plans. Even if you don't have dollars to spare there are a lot of things you can do that don't cost anything but your time and maybe some sweat.

Today I made some more picante sauce since my aunt Lori was good enough to give me some more tomatoes. This batch is hotter, a little sweeter and definitely tastier. Cherry Pie made venison lasagna for supper. With the outstanding weather we've been having we have the air conditioning turned of in AUGUST. WTF? The canning and cooking today made me want to turn it back on though. Basically, we have layed around reading and drinking sweettea all day. It's been nice.

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