Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Numbers racket, garage sales and other tidbits

Here we go, everything but jobs is on the rise. The US deficit rose in July to 1.27 TRILLION dollars! And home foreclosures rose another 7 percent in July which brings that number up 32 percent from only a year ago. I have a neighbor that works for a title company and they are handling so much paperwork from foreclosures that she is working Saturdays and some Sundays, up to 20 hours overtime a week. That's a lot of homes and that's only one company. There are thousands of companies doing the same work all over the country. This could be why there are so many jobless claims rose to 558 thousand. That's NEW claims, that doesn't include people that have run out of benefits or people that are under-employed. Remember now, the .gov says that it may be 5, FIVE years before any new jobs are created. What will the unemployment numbers be by then? 15%, 25%?

We went garage saling this morning and mostly found junk. I did manage to score another 6 gallon water can for a whopping FIFTY CENTS. Last summer I found a nice cast iron benchtop drill press for 15 dollars. What treasures have you found at garage sales? I have gotten, in the past, a compact air compressor, several guns, auto parts, coins, military items and a plethora of other items.

We have to go to the dreaded Wally World tomorrow so I will probably end up with another couple hundred rounds of .22 rimfire. I think I'll stop at about 10 grand. That should make me fairly wealthy in a barter economy. Then I'll resume a gradual build up of the .45 acp and .223 at a slower pace due to the expense of those calibers.

The picante sauce I made the other day came out, well, not so badass good. It is very bell pepper flavored. It doesn't taste bad, just not like I wanted. So, this weekend we'll go to a farmers market, get all the goodies and start over.

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