Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm baaack. Mathews and Tucker, Unemployment, and so on.

The Son and his Bride have been here for the last few days so blogging has taken a backseat. Between all the visiting, traveling, shooting and eating out the site has suffered but suffered for a good cause. We ate so much good food while they were here I will have to fast for a couple days to get back to my usual slim trim 270 pounds. The two of them left this morning at 5 ay em to travel back to Virginia. One leaves on deployment in November and the other leaves in February so we won't have any chance to see them again for a long while. If I can scratch up the funds to do some work on the Harley I will try to ride out there when they get back. A new tranny, cylinder base gaskets and since it will be open I might as well put in fresh pistons while I'm at it.

I guess a lot has happened over the last few days. It was announced that the deficit grew by 181 billion in July, the House upped the request for jets from 4 for 200 million to 8 for 550 million. I heard on FOX that the deficit is growing by 75 billion every week. That's a lot of money WE have to come up with.

Take a look at this article on Unemployment by the numbers. It breaks down the unemployed and underemployed and gives a good overview of the jobs situation. Not a rosy picture.

Take a look at the video in this link and listen to these two buffoons. Prepare to be angry. One is MSNBC's Chris Mathews and the other is Cynthia Tucker from the Atlanta Journal Constipation. Mizz Tucker believes all opposition to the proposed healthcare and basically any opposition to the Prez is based in racism and douchebag Mathews wants to inject all those people with sodium pentothal until they admit they are racist! These are the kind of fools that are getting their points of view put on tv. What nutjobs, I can't think of any thing remotely civil to say about these two ...these two .... aarrrrghghghhghh!

I sure get a kick out of all the Politicians that are having their asses handed to them at the townhall meetings. This is what politics is supposed to be like. Hold their feet to the fire and get some answers from them. Make them realize they work for us. I am shocked at the brazenness of some of the politicians who have declined to hold meetings because they are scared of their constituents. They need to be removed from office immediately as they are not doing their job.

I dragged up some memories from a childhood spent in servitude in an agricultural family and canned some picante sauce that I made. That was an experience but it all came back readily. And the sauce is badass good! Oh, I layed in another couple hundred rounds of .22 to replace the ones we shot up. The local Wally World actually had a box of .40 on the shelf as well as two boxes of .357 and 2 boxes of .223. That's the most I have seen there in the last few months. Is the ammo drought ending or was it a fluke that I was there when they had some ammo on the shelf?

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