Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Federal Reserve has been refusing to allow any glimpse into their financial records with regards to any banks that it made emergency bailout loans to. Bloomberg news filed a Freedom Of Information Act request and a Federal judge has declared that the bank must provide the documents. Finally, someone is going to make the Federal Reserve toe the line. Now if we can get that bank audited it will be really sweet.

The Obama administration wants to go back in time and prosecute individuals that may have had a hand in using creative interrogation to get vital information to stop further acts of terrorism or violence against American interests. Let's see. If we need to get information out of a terrorist we can't beat them, we can't waterboard them or play loud music. So forget about making them wear panties, showing them bugs, depriving them of sleep or talking bad to them. If the liberals keep having their way we won't even be able to say pretty please with sugar on top. This idea of AG Holder is completely nuts! He wants to take away interrogation privileges from the CIA and turn it over to a new Interrogation Unit made of representative of all the law enforcement units and the military and run it out of the White House. What a moron. This administration is proving everyday how inept they really are.

Yesterday I wrote about stocking up on various supplies. Lo and behold this morning Survival Blog posted a letter from a reader giving info on how to use your inventory. Take a read of it. I find a lot of good ideas presented on that site.

The Goddess has spoken. Go and read.

There are a lot of things that can happen in the course of our daily lives. What with weather events, accidents, terrorism, and who knows what else it's a prudent idea to keep a pack of supplies in your car every day. For example, my wife drives 50 miles one way to work in another state. When the weather gets real foul it can take her more that 2 hours to get home. So she has plans to overnight at her office. After discussing this with her she now keeps a pack in the trunk of her car with a change of clothes, some food, water, a flashlight as well as a knife some 550 cord and a sleeping bag. She also has a "food drawer" in her desk at work. We both have 3 day packs in the event that our town is struck by a tornado, flood or any other catastrophic event. Mine is in a military surplus ALICE pack and hers is in a commercial type pack to avoid drawing attention to it in the place she works. I usually work in a construction type setting and drive a pickup truck so it's not unusual to see a camo pack in that setting. In the 3 day packs we of course have 3 days food, 1 day of water and a filter to acquire more water as we need it, a canteen, clothing for 3 days, 550 cord, a large knife, first aid supplies, a radio with spare batteries, 2 way radios with spare batteries, compass, a sewing kit, a collapsible shovel on mine and fire making supplies. If you want to put together a 3 day pack, there are sources on line that will help you with the basics and then you can flesh them out as needed.Here's one and here's another one with several versions. The changing weather requires changes to the contents of the packs of course. Remember that there may come a time when you actually have to wear/carry this thing so don't include the kitchen sink.

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