Monday, August 24, 2009

Another kind of wealth

Today in the news...blah, blah, blah. That's right. A bunch of non important hooey. Unless you look at "alternative" news sources. Let's look at the essentials of life from my point of view.

Shelter. Home. Someplace to lay your head. That can be the McMansion you're are struggling to pay for or the payed for camp trailer you have parked in the boonies. Keep it secure and well stocked. Next is good ol' food. Eats. Grub. Everyone HAS to eat. Eat in moderation but eat good. Keep several months of your everyday type food in the pantry or larder. If you can keep a year or more in stock that's even better. Make sure you have a sure thing water source and a backup plan for that. I don't mind being nekkid but in general clothing is kinda handy so keep suitable clothing in stock. That means more than the suits and dresses you wear to the office. Have heavy weight clothing available for the dirty jobs that basic survival calls for. Stuff like jeans, dungarees, fatigues, canvas or ripstop shirts and decent boots. Don't forget to include alternate season clothing. If you have all that you'll need weapons to keep it. This is where it gets interesting. Lets just say a centerfire semiauto rifle for everyone in the house. Then a couple of pump shotguns, then a centerfire semiauto pistol for everyone in the house and finally the ubiquitous 22 rifle in your favorite flavor. Anything beyond this is strictly a personal decision. These are just the basics that I feel every house should have. Then you'll need ammo for all of them. Your finances will dictate how much you stock as ammo prices are quite astronomical at this time. I like to keep a couple thousand rounds for all the centerfire rifles and pistols and several hundred for each shotgun and as many .22 rounds as I can stuff in the house. A job to pay for all this stuff is a major concern of course. There are two other things you'll need before all this other stuff and the first is faith. One of your choice. Then you will need a mate you can depend on in good times or bad. Once you have all this you'll think of hundreds of other things to stock up on. Other than having an indefensible home in a suburb of a major city I feel pretty wealthy. How are your personal preps going? If you look around there are several books that give details on what to keep in stock.

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