Sunday, August 16, 2009

bucket source, townhall, Public Option out?, Root Cellars

I got the 5 gallon buckets picked up this morning and they are all washed out and drying. Now I need to get "stuff" to put in'em. These came from a source I hadn't thought of before...a barbecue joint. They get their sauce made up in 5 gallon buckets and get all the pickles in the same. They even pre-washed the buckets so they weren't to bad, even the pickle buckets. I sat them in the yard and gave each a shot of dish soap and a double shot of bleach and added water. After setting for an hour or so I attacked them with a brush inside and out, then topped of with more water for another couple hours of soaking, rinsed and stored upside down to drain. The lids got the same treatment in the bath tub.

Have you seen the news about politifools not showing up for townhall meetings? One group doesn't care if they do or not. The Constitutional Patriots group in North Carolina found a novel way to get their message to their absent representative. Check it out.

The tide may be shifting! The Nobama camp has now said that the public option is not really needed to declare a victory in health care. They will now be satisfied with health insurance cooperatives. Do ya think they're getting the message? What a turn around from a couple of weeks ago.

It seems that more people are getting into vegetable gardening. Once the crop is in what do you do with it? Ideally the root veggies such as potatoes, carrots, onion, radishes, etc. should go into a root cellar. What if you don't have a root cellar? Here is a guide for creating one in your basement. Fairly simple yet it does require a bit of skill to build it. There are ways to store the root crop underground if you're up for a little digging. Here's one and here's a site that covers, basements, root cellars, pits and has some storage information..

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