Monday, August 17, 2009

Theres more of us. No more snitches?, Rain, Rain go away

I don't feel so lonely now....The Gallup Organization says that there are more conservatives in the US now than liberals. I'll give you one guess as to how that occurred. That's right, the government is full of liberal at this time. See how that works? A lot of folks get tired of conservatives after 4 or 8 years so liberals get put into power and 8 months later most folks are claiming to be conservative. Of course, if I was a liberal and had this current bunch of asshats frontin' me, I'd claim to be conservative too.

Maobama has pulled the plug on the crap. Report that. I dare ya. Ha, Ha,Ha. Nothin' like a bunch of snitches. What rhymes with snitches? Yea, I know too.

Man the week has started out WET. Over 4 inches of rain at my castle in under 3 days. Drizzle, rain, downpour, thunder, lightening. All of it. Stayed in all day today read, cleaned house, read some more, cooked supper. It was so wet that both of the dogs refused to go outside until the sun came out around 3 this afternoon. This morning they looked out the window and went back to bed. I'm scared to look in my old stone basement. Sometimes it floods. And both of my pumps are burned up. Like they say ...sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours. HAAAA, HAAAA, HAAAA!
If it's halfway decent in the morning I'll load my tools and head to Dad's place to work on his house and see what else I can do around there.
I saw some great deals on ammo today at . 7.62x51 for 50 cents a shot? That's so 2 years ago. I also saw some good deals on 5.56x45. Check that site out.

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