Friday, April 27, 2012

They What? The Time Is Getting Near.

Here we go with some outrageous quotes and actions committed by the leftist assholes who think they run this world.

 Bank of America. The knee jerk banksters have cut off finance to the McMillan gun company because they, well, you know, deal in firearms and firearms accessories. Since this such an evil endeavour the bank thinks McMillan should not have any financing or accounts with them. Listen up folks, if you have any business with BOA stop it immediately. There was a very successful police supply company Kansas City that closed over night due to loss of financing. Could this be a BOA action?

EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency. Yeah, those guys. It turns out that they want to set an example for everyone and crucify the oil companies. Could this be a part of the high cost of fuels in the country?

Then there is this fucker. He wants to cordon off blocks and sections of the country and send in specially trained units to search every farm, house, building and out house and seize every gun. This guy is a born and bred American but I cannot say this he is a true American. The only response I have to him is, if you want to start at my house, come on by. I want to see you personally try that maneuver with me. I want to see you come by my house with a few of your buddies. I promise that you won't be going home that night. I don't think he has a clue as to the repercussions that will come from this idea.

Now for a bit of good news. If you want to get a machine gun, short barrel shot gun or short barrel rifle or suppressor the means to do so is getting easier. Not as easy as it should be but it's step in the right direction. One of the requirements to purchase such items is to get the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer to sign off on the forms. It turns out that a whole bunch of CLEO's don't want sign the forms.
   It appears that the BATFE is going to do away with that requirement. Now if they'll get rid of the fingerprint stuff, the fees and the forms we'll be where we should be.

Now some information for all you Threepers and support types. Check this out. Are you capable of action or support. Or are you one of the "shovel and lime" crew?

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