Sunday, April 29, 2012

Broke Like The Government

Well, me and Cherry Pie added up the cost of traveling to the preparedness show and found that it was NOT in our budget. Sixty bucks for gas, eight dollars entry fee and incidentals and we were looking at a hundred bucks easily. I couldn't find anyone to split the cost with so, at home I stayed.
 Instead of checking out the preparedness scene I assembled the vanity, did some extra bracing to it (as I can't leave well enough alone), assembled the drawers, and cooked breakfast and dinner.  Cherry started the process of sealing the grout and quarry tile in the shower and eating anything I cooked. She also took out the base trim in the master bedroom and installed it in the hallway. I'm teaching her a whole bunch of valuable skills. She really digs the air powered trim nailer and is getting pretty good on the power mitre saw too. All very good things to know.

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