Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missouri Preparedness Expo

I found a link to this over at Survival Blog yesterday. I thought I was pretty well covered about things like this but one escaped my radar. And to make it even better it's THIS WEEKEND in Springfield Missouri. I'm hoping to make to make it on Sunday. Any Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas Bloggers going to be there? Give me a holler and maybe we can meet up. I know it's short notice but that's the way I found it. There will be a whole host of guest speakers and vendors there. The propriator of SurvivalBlog will be teleconferencing the Expo. World renowned Dr. Joel Wallach will be there as well as many survival/firearms/second ammendments speakers in attendence. Sounds like my kinda fun.


Flier389 said...

If I could afford it, I'd be there. I missed the one they had here in Denver.
I hear it is quite the deal. And tons of info. Maybe you can do a post while there?

Dean Carder said...

I don't have any way to do mobile posting. If I did I would have alot of cool stuff to post!

Grey said...

Hi Flier.

I think you're talking about Self Reliance Expo. They had a couple of expos in Denver last year and are having another one in Colorado Springs next month.