Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things We Can't Have

While perusing the intardwebs this afternoon I came across this nugget. 18 most suppressed inventions. I was surprised at the number of the inventions I have had knowledge of or new someone that did.
Coral Castle- The builder told everyone that he had discovered the building secrets of the ancients. He went on to build a coral castle out coral blocks that weigh up to 30 tons. He had no heavy equipment and no helpers but every day there were more huge blocks erected in his castle. Period photos show a pole at the construction site. This pole had a black box mounted on it every day and removed every night. After his death the black box disappeared. Was this box his secret?
Tens Units- The father of one of my childhood friends had back surgery and continuing back issues. The hospital prescribed a Tens Unit to control his pain. My mother has used a tens unit for therapy. Just this weekend I talked with a young woman selling modern digital Tens units. So I don't think this has been that suppressed.
Overunity Generators- In my waybackthen I found out about a man that had created a self powering generator that would power your entire house for free. For I think it was 5 bucks you bought rights to have one of the units installed on you property when they became available for the residential market. Forgive me if I can't remember his name, but he was putting on a demonstration in Arkansas if memory serves me correctly. The Feds raided this display confiscated all his units and paperwork. I haven't heard of anything about this for years. But in our recent move I found the certificate in the file cabinet.
Royal Raymond Rife- In the thirties this man invented a machine that would cure cancer using frequencies that kill the disease. A few years ago I listed religiously to a radio program called Preparedness Now. I got a lot of my early survival/preparedness info from that program. Any way on one of her shows the host had a guest speaker discussing the Rife devices. Apparently you can still get a modern version of the Rife machine. I have heard of well, 10's of people that have had sickness cured with the Rife frequency generator.
Tesla- An electrical genius that we owe homage to for our current style of electricity supply. He was the proponent of AC electricity. Good old Edison wanted DC polarity. Tesla had invented many remarkable devices. One scared him so badly that he would not promote it or develop it any further. After his death all his paperwork and research disappeared. Who got it?
99 mpg car- Wow, this brought back memories of perusing Popular Mechanics magazines as a kid and young man. There was always an ad in the back that said call this number and tell what vehicle you were driving and the man on the other end would build a carburetor or something for you that would enable your vehicle to get tremendous mileage. At one of the places I worked at as a young man, I met an older guy maybe in his early sixties. I only met his after he came off a 3 month leave of absence. He drove his Winnebago all over the country towing a full size Ford pickup. I commented that the mileage of the combo must have killed him. He told me he was averaging over 15 mpg from. that old 454 powered RV. And was getting over 25 mpg from the pickup. Later that year he sold the RV and bought a new one. He then called the number, and called, and called. Never any answer then it was disconnected. Being very determined he finally managed to get hold of one of the neighbors. Being in the early 80's this was a lot more difficult than it is today. After contacting the neighbor he was told that one evening the inventor had a limo show up at his house. The next day he and his wife packed up and left with no explanation to his longtime neighbors and friend. Big oil buyout? Government intervention? Who knows? Maybe this man did.
Have any of you had experience with or heard of or knowledge of any other strange, unusual, suppressed machines, devices or knowledge?

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