Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Junk or An Antique show

Cherry Pie, my mother and I went to a what was advertised as a large indoor flea market this morning. When we got there it was a combined antique/toy/doll sale. We wandered and wandered and looked at tin toys, iron toys, cars, boats, planes, submarines, soldiers and just about every old toy and antique ever made since moby was a minnow. This was not all bad as I'm always on the lookout for old motorcycle toys. WTH! I found old motorcycle toys alright. From 100 dollars all the way up to 380 samoleans. I wasn't carrying that much with me, hell, I don't have that much. So pass on the bikes. Move on to pocket knives. At pretty much any sale you can find a box or display of random stuff and find a knife or 10 in it. No different today except that I couldn't find any that really thrilled me and for the most part were overpriced.
While looking at the various toys and their price tags, it dawned on me that I shoulda took better care of my toys as as little demolition man.I saw quite a few of my childhood playthings sitting on shelves with very respectable price tags on'em. I did help my mom pick out a couple of nice things for her husband. And since I really like him and he IS a reader I'll not blab what the finds were. So Ha,ha he's not finding out from me.

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