Monday, March 12, 2012

WTF To Do?

I got nuthin' much to post. After the tree episode and a few other activities I have lost many hours to the sleepy nothingness of a chemical cocktail. This is really strange as I'm a big guy who can hold his liquor very well. But toss a few pills down my neck and I'm in lala land. Four blood pressure pills (that aren't doing their job very well), an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer are the morning norm. If I sit and watch the news or sit here at the computer I generally nod off. Throw a pain pill into the mix and fugetta 'bout it. I'm out. Out for 2-3 hours and afterwards I'm a little groggy and have slightly slurred speech. And as I found out this week after an email I sent, I can't type worth as damn. I have managed to keep the house clean and cook a few meals for Cherry Pie though. I really hate this cycle. I take the pills and I don't get much done. I work at something or do a lot walking in an effort to keep my weight in control and get something done around the house and I have to take more pain pills that induce more nothingness. So I try to balance it out. Sometime it works good and sometimes not so good.
I promise the next post won't have any wine to it.

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