Friday, March 23, 2012

Let It Rain, Rain, Rain

Here it is, Friday, already. The fifth freaking day of rain.My yard sits lower than the ones on either side of me. As a result of that my yard is starting to look like I'm starting my own wetlands. OMG! Don't let the EPA find out about that. You would think that the developer of this addition would have made his own lot(this house was the developers own home) the same elevation as the others but no he made it at least 2 feet lower and put in a little swale on the north and south sides, to carry water to the street. Since this place was built in 1960 the yard has heaved in many places and the swales don't do the job they ere intended to do. We will have to eventually re-grade the yard and install some drain tiles to help carry the water away. Until that happens though I'll keep the boots handy and keep an eye on the sump pump.
Woke up with a major back pain, so I sit here attempting to type, while slightly overcome by the morning chemical cocktail. The spell check is getting its use this morning. I've got a Dr. office visit today to discuss various thing and see about some X-rays. So, have a great day!

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