Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hey bidder,bidder, bidder

This morning Cherry Pie and I got up and went to the huge consignment auction In Holt Missouri held at Old Bills Mill. The mill is actually the old grain elevator in town. It must be a hundred or more years old. The attached listing is not a full bill as they were taking consignments up to the day of the sale. I think this is the third or Fourth annual auction. This year it was absolutely HUGE. They had everything from rabbits to dozers. Mowers, bikes, junk, guns, tools hardware, the list goes on and on. We brought home a very nice brass light light to hang in the entry way. We have been pricing big lights for this duty and they all start about a hundred and go up from there. I ended up getting it for 35 dollars. I saw a structural foam garden cart this I really wanted. We had already been there 2 and a half hours and it looked like the cart was 4-5 hours away! My knees and back were killing me by that point so I turned my bidding number over to my sister in law as she was supposed to be there for a long time to bid an a corn planter for her hubby. She didn't make it long enough for the cart or the planter. The auction company was running two rings and they really needed 3 or 4 to speed up the process. There were at least a thousand people there today. I was bidder 519 and a lot of folks signed up after me. Add in the looky loos and the number really goes up. In this rural part of the country a big auction is as much entertainment as a place to get some real deals on many things. Contrary to the last few action I have been to the prices were really low today. We'll see about going next year and make a plan to last longer. Holt is a little bitty town and the auction is held on a Sunday so, there isn't anything to do or go to or see. Nothing has change since I grew up there except more people. So, plans have to be made. Maybe a picnic dinner in the adjacent park and some lawn chairs to ease the day. Hopefully the next auction will be as good as this one was.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun.

Dean Carder said...

Yea, a good time was had by all and they always have good food at the concession stand too!