Monday, March 19, 2012

An Executive Order. So F'n What!

There are literally jillions of folks writing about BHO's latest Executive Order. So I will limit my comments on it. However, while I do not like this gassbag and don't believe he is eligible to be President I will say that pretty much every past President for the last oh, 15 or so positions has written Executive Orders that make one want to shudder. So take this one with a grain of salt, check your preps, keep your mouth closed about them and go on with life. If the .gov takes over your employer you may still have a job. If they take over the agriculture of the nation we may have a problem, if they try to disarm the American public then both we and they have a problem. Keep you powder dry my friends.


Flier389 said...

Well said. And I agree.

Plus, I'm trying to catch up on blogs I read. I'm just a bit behind. Had a lot going on since my Dad passed. But I'm getting there.

Dean Carder said...

Flier, so sorry to learn of your Dads passing. Keep your head up and your heart open and as they say time cures all.