Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Does Verizon Suck?

We have been customers of Verizon for many years maybe as much as 20. When we moved to this new home the only economical way to get Internet service was through Verizon, using one of their 5 Spot devices. We are now on our 5th on in just over a year. After Cherry was on the phone with a support tech for over an hour on Saturday evening ending with Verizon evening agreeing to send us ANOTHER 5 Spot. We hooked it up and sure as shit it would not work. She spent another hour Monday evening with them. They finally got the thing to work. Tech finally said that the local towers are being overloaded and doesn't know of any plans to put additional ones up. So bright and early this morning I plot may ass in front of the computer, turn the wireless device on, give it a couple of ticks and opened the manger. That program wanted a pass word number to log on. I entered the number on the back of the device and got a message saying in effect go fuck yourself. So After leaving it alone all day I snuck up on it, removed its back and removed the battery and Sim card. I let it set for a while re-install the parts, opened the manager, turned the thing on and Holy Cow!, we have the Internet. This unit is a 3G model. Verizon is a couple months away from having 4G in this town. Yet you can buy the new 4G unit. After 5 Of the POS 5 Spots you would think they would hand us a new 4G unit, right? Wrong! After this one goes tits up and believe me it will, we are cancelling Verizon Internet and most likely their phone service as well.

So, in parting, I say this, Verizon, go fuck your corporate selves. Take every broken 5 Spot you have and lube them with the sweat and frustration of your past clients and firmly ram them up your corporate asses. We have paid you morons good money for 20 years and you respond with this kind of customer service. What does one of the new 4G units cost you? What 45-50 cents in Malaysia or China or what ever shit hole you have them made in. You would rather keep sending us these non-functional units over and over. Thanks for Nothing.


Flier389 said...

ATT is just about as bad. they screwed me over on my cell phone. I haven't had a contract for like 7 years. They wanted me to get a new phone. The new phone sucks!

I'm going to learn how to do smoke signals next.

agirlandhergun said...

Yeah, we have had a heck of a time with Verizon lately, but I doubt the other providers are any better:(

Dean Carder said...

Both of you are right. If you have been a customer for years you get nothing. But a new customer gets the world handed to them. We found it's better in the TV service industry to swap providers every 2 years.