Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Sunny, No, It's Raining, No, It's Snowing, .....

We have had great weather this week. Monday night brought a large thunder storm and Tuesday brought very heavy winds but the temperatures were great. Thursday was within a gnats ass of 70 degrees. This morning brought a slight amount of rain and right now it is snowing it's ass off. This is the heaviest snow we've had all winter. I had plans to do some work out side but the snow has made the ground to wet to get traction with my garden tractor. You see, the high winds earlier this week up rooted my 30 foot blue spruce tree. So, after digging out my chainsaw and finding all the stuff to go along with it I cut up the tree on Thursday and moved it out of the fenced in front yard to the open yard next to the driveway. All that has resulted in me being a little foggy this morning what with all the pain meds I had for breakfast. My Father-in Law is coming over Saturday morning with his ton truck to haul it all off. My morning plan was to hook the garden tractor to the root wad and pull it the rest of the way out of the ground. So much for that plan. Maybe I'll do some tiling instead. Or have a drink or two. We'll see.

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