Friday, March 30, 2012

Something Smells

The mainstream media has pulled all embedded reporters from Ron Paul's campaign. They claim he doesn't attract enough voters to warrant the reporters. Hmmmm. Mitt Romney came to Liberty, Missouri a couple weeks ago and spoke at a local college. Liberty is a bedroom community of Kansas City. The city limits touch. One side of the highway is Liberty and the other is KC. So, at this political rally at William Jewel College in Liberty, Romney attracted a whopping 500 people. A couple day later Ron Paul had a rally and over 2,500 folks showed up. Mr. Paul just had a rally in Wisconsin and drew a crowd of 5,200 people. More than 10 times what Mitt drew in Liberty. So, I ask, what smells about this? This is a perfect example of how the media picks the candidates and probably the president too. Face it, in this day and age if your don't have air time you don't have snowballs chance in hell politically speaking that is. It looks like Gingrich's campaign is imploding. He has laid off most of his staff. you don't hear a lot about Santorum now. But Mitt is all over the news. He has been anointed the chosen one by the media and the RNC.
When you evaluate the performance of Chairman Maobama and compare it to the views of the current repugnican candidates there is very little difference. The ONLY candidate that has a different, i.e. truly conservative and constitutional view is Ron Paul. The RNC is terrified of a true conservative and the liberal media is frightened he may make it all the way to the big race. Even supposedly conservative Fox News routinely falsifies debate scores, intentionally makes "mistakes" in reporting Paul's views and out and out black balls him. That is unless they want him to comment on the economy. Imagine that the guy they love to hate is their go to guy for economic information. I guess you CAN have your cake and eat it too.

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