Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheap Date

This past weekend was made of several different activities. Saturday morning as usual, Cherry Pie volunteered at a local food pantry. While she was there I got to use the riding mower I bought last fall. Middle of March and I had to mow the damn yard! That afternoon we did a little bit of nothing. But on Sunday we went to an expo center in Kansas City that was having a sale of baby items by a group called Just Between Friends. We had never heard of this group but Cherry found an ad for it. She loaded up on gently used and new baby clothes and shoes for Diamond at very low prices. Think of it as an huge upscale garage sale. From there we went a little further North to Platte City for an antiques sale. The organizers do a deal with the school district and set up the sale in the gymnasium and hallways of their high school. Very clever off hours use of the building. We saw all kinds of antiques for sale we even saw many items that we had never seen before. I spotted a unique item that turned out to be a shepherds stove. It had a little tank for the base and a rectangular, short chimney with glass sides and a wire grate on top of it. Very cool little stove. Another unique item was a butter working table. It was wedge shaped with short sides and had a slight downward angle to it. Fastened too the table with a pivot at the bottom was a giant rolling pin. Like 3 foot long. the sellers knew what it was but had no idea how it was used.
I started drooling over a collection of straight razors. I can't remember if I blogged about this but I got tired of the exorbitant prices of replacement blades so I found an old straight razor in my knife collection, ordered a nice strop and some shaving soap and have never looked back since. We didn't buy anything but had a good time and at 3 bucks entry it was cheap entertainment. When /if we ever get some more money coming in I will be buying some non electrical powered antique items that would make life easier in a grid down situation


Flier389 said...

I've been thinking about getting a straight razor my self. These "new" razors suck.

Dean Carder said...

There is a definite learning curve to a straight razor. Be prepared to see blood in your lather.