Monday, March 5, 2012

Thar She Blows!!!

Last week we had weather that went from warm and sunny to cool rainy. On Tuesday night we had a pretty good thunderstorm. We awoke Wednesday to a very hard wind blowing.
Out side one of the living room windows we had a blue spruce tree of about 30 feet. I watched the trees blowing in the winds and gusts of the day for a while. This spruce was really bending in the breeze. About four feet up the trunk it was moving off vertical by a foot. Then when the gusts came it went even further. I took a shower and when I came back to the living room to check on the tree I saw that it was leaning at a 45 degree angle. I went out side and found that the roots had finally let go on the upwind side and the tree toppled.
I dug out my chainsaw, A Husky model, and found that I was out of 2 stroke oil, gas and bar oil. The two chains I have were both dull. Then I couldn't find I chain sharpening stuff. Ahh the joys of moving. The next morning I got oil, gas and bar oil. I picked the least dull of the chains put it on and adjusted it. Then came the fun part, starting a saw that has set for at least two years. I cleaned the plug and air filter. I filled the tank with gas. I put the choke on. I pulled the rope and then pulled it some more. On the tenth pull it started! It ran rough for a while but soon smoothed out. I got it all cut up and then move all of it over by the driveway. Saturday my father-in-law came over with his ton truck and my brother-in-law and I loaded it up. It was a pretty high load but it all went on one truck.
Now the house looks funny.We haven't lived here for long but we grew accustomed to seeing that blue spruce at the corner of the house. Oh, well, this just helped speed up the landscaping plan.


Tango Juliet said...

Bummer!! We missed the big wind this time, but it's still early.

Dean Carder said...

We recently moved to this house which sits on a ridge. The winds never seem to stop here.