Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Solution To Low Buck Fail,Failed

OK, I went to all the hardware stores and all the parts stores in this town and came up with nuthin' except an ABS 90 degree fitting. After removing the stock air supply duct, I trimmed the upper fan shroud to allow the simulated mounting of the 90 and found that the fan hits the fitting. Strike one. I then came inside fired up the Internet and looked for rectangular HDPE tubing. Due to pricing this was considered as Strike 2. Hmmm, I remembered that I used to do business with a magical company call McMaster-Carr. They had EVERYTHING. Logged onto their website and got bupkis, nada, nothing. So call that Strike 3. By the time I bought the expensive plastic rectangular tubing and the rest of bits and pieces I would have the cost of a Granitelli cold air kit wrapped up in the home brewed kit. So, I'll save my after HD repair bucks and spring for the Granitelli system. I put the stock system back together and took the truck out for a consoling tire roasting ride.

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