Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Low Buck Fail

Since the Harley re-rebuild is on hold for a short time, I started looking for cheap ways to boost the output of the truck. I already detailed the reprogramming of the HyperTech and how that helped out. I started Googling cheap up grades and found a forum for Fullsize GM trucks.(until they realize that I'm not 13 and don't need my mommy and daddy to send them a note I'll not include a link) One enterprising member made a cold air intake using ABS plumbing parts. Being black in color the parts blended nicely with all the other underhood parts. This creative guy says he realized 3-5 mpg off this one mod and got a better seat of the pants effect too. Sooo, I printed off the list of parts , popped the hood to envision the placement a right off found that the home brewed creation will only work if you remove the factory cooling fan and shroud and install a set of low-pro electric fans in its place. Not the cheap boost I was looking for as a set of e-fans will set me back around 3 bills. That'd nearly get the HD fixed. I began looking at factory made cold air intakes and came up with a couple ideas. I'm off to the hardware store and the parts store to investigate that parts situation for my idea. Not hopeful at this time but ya gotta perform the due diligence.

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