Friday, May 4, 2012

Now We know Why

Recently DHS contracted for 400,000,000+ rounds of 40 caliber hollow point ammunition. According to an insider, DHS and other Government agencies are preparing for a massive civil war when the dollar finally gives up the ghost. Doug Hagmann from Northeast Intelligence Network has this insider. Now NEIN has revealed many ground breaking stories and has provided law enforcement with the info to thwart acts of terror and info on nefarious groups of the Muslim variety. Here is a story related to a radio interview of Hagmann.

 Given his success in investigations and his high quality informers I have to ask this...Are you ready? Will you stand idly by when the SHTF and the bullets are flying? Or will you actively defend the Constitution and your family and friends.? I read an article the other day and forwarded it to all my friends. In essence it asked are you a trigger puller or are you on the lime and shovel crew.
This one of the reasons to have a good preparedness plan. Deeply stock food, ammo, first aid,web gear and other support materials for you and the folks on the right side. I've got decent food stocks, fair ammo supplies, web gear for me and Cherry Pie but I 'm way past being able to be a part of the field.

I don't know that the US is going to have a full financial collapse that creates runs on banks, rioting, and lawlessness such as we see in Greece and Spain. All you really need to do is look what happens when someones team loses the big game. Rioting, burning  and looting prevails for a day or two. What is the average person going to do when their money is worthless and they have no food for their family. Or for that matter being all set up for this crisis and having Federal goons coming along telling you to surrender all your food, ammo and weapons and to report to the local stadium for your own safety. How will that fly with the Preppers and Threepers? How will that fly with you?

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