Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bad Connections

In the ongoing and evergoing Fast and Furious investigation the Congress is getting the run around from the Justice Department. Congressman Darrell Issa has repeatedly asked for all documents that relate to this failed program. Of course, being one of the Obama team, he has obfuscated, denied and out right lied about F&F. Congress has had enough and has written the draft to hold him in contempt of Congress. We'll see if he responds before anymore folks are killed with guns that were part of this boondoggle. You can read more about this here with all the what and who and whens.
Since the plan of Fast and Furious was to cast blame on the firearms industry as well as gun dealers and gun owners and in general bring more restrictions on or outright banning of the tools of freedom. We all know or suspect what would happen if severe restriction were imposed or the government tried to collect the firearms.

  That brings us to this little nugget. The US Army has documents that detail the use of re-education camps for civil unrest. Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones have both brought to light the existence of these interment centers. As a matter of fact Jesse Ventura's show "Conspiracy" was canceled at the request of the government and his name was added to the no fly list at the same time because of his investigation..
Will the American public follow their herders to the pen like a good flock or will they stand their ground and refuse to submit to to the tyranny of the government? Most of them will follow blindly along. The small group of strong willed people that possess a spine and determination will say NO! They will say it loud and hard. They will say it with words, lead and steel. They will show that spirit of Americans that has attracted people to this country for over two hundred years. They will show that we are truly sons and daughters of the founders of this nation.

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