Thursday, May 31, 2012

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Yesterday I and my lawyer lady attended an administrative hearing for an appeal of my disability claim. After my original claim was sent in the State sent me to 2 different doctors, a hearing doc and a physical diagnostics doc. Before the hearing my lawyer and I were having a conference and I got to read the reports the state docs submitted. Was I shocked ? Yes was I pissed off? Very. During the diagnostics evaluation I fell during one test and had to have assistance to get up from the squatting test. The lying little bitch of an imported doctor failed to mention those VERY important items. To Evaluate my walking she made me walk in the exam room. I had room for all of two steps. My walking was evaluated on TWO fucking steps. She was shocked at my blood pressure but failed to write that into the evaluation too.
  The next doctor I went to was a hearing doc. After the battery of noises, sounds and words I was told that I have significant  high level hearing loss. The report however, states that I have no hearing problem. Tell that to my wife. She is listed with Social Security as the official listener for me as I can't hear jack on a phone. But I have no hearing problems.
   So that bring me to the only person presenting evidence that was not lying. Me. Since I have very few medical records the Judge said he would have to rely on my testimony  to make his judgement. After his Q&A session he told me that I was a very credible witness and that would place great weight in my favor. He then asked the occupational specialist to consider a hypothetical person fitting my general description, education and medical condition. She kept naming jobs and he kept adding infirmities to the fictional  man. They funnelled the possible jobs down to three very menial jobs. The Judge then asked her to include the fictional persons medication response of sleeping for two or three hours. She responded that the person was unemployable.
   So now I have to get my personal doctor to fill out a form and then the Judge will render a decision on my claim. Whew!
   When I approached the Social Security door I saw the NO WEAPONS sign and just about shit my britches. I had 3 different knives in my pockets. I entered and asked the guard if I could leave them at his desk and then found that SS would not let him do that. He kindly suggested that I find a place in the building to stash them or ask the lobby desk to hold them. He also said this was a common occurrence. I jumped on a downward elevator and found the bathroom. After a quick look around  I stashed my knives in the sanitary seat cover dispenser. I lifted the box up and place the knives on the bottom of the stainless steel box and replaced the cardboard box. Three freaking hours later I retrieved my goods.
   I have a visit set up with my doctor So we can discuss my situation. We'll see what comes about.

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