Saturday, May 5, 2012

Take Their Ball And Go...

To Hell. The RNC, after seeing the results from many State Delegate Conventions, may shut down the Nevada RNC Convention to shut out the delegates that may vote for Ron Paul.
In State after State delegates that were to vote for Romney have voted for Ron Paul. I guess when the limelight is off, the Paulites are filling the slots and not voting the party line.
So after reading about this I say the RNC can go square to hell. I mean it's bad enough when the MSM lies about the man, changes their own debate scores and refuses to report on his success. It's hard enough to win votes in a campaign but when one candidate is ignored, refused equal air time and equal debate time you are actively interfering with the process. But when the Party he's a member of attacks him and his supporters it's time to make a change. Ya hear that RNC? You are filled with party lackeys that need to be retired. So once again RNC, go to hell.

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