Monday, May 28, 2012

A Jewel Of A Visit

OK, I know that I haven't been around for a week or so. You see, I have been a very busy grandpa. Our Son and his family came for a visit and little Diamond kept us jumpin'.

Here's the little cutey wearing her daddy's Glock cap(heaven help me). Sorry for the poor pic quality. She is a fast mover and sometimes we just couldn't capture the image that we wanted.

She is the best behaving baby I have ever seen. She went with us on a tour of the Boulevard Beer Brewery and never had a bad moment. Her momma even got congrats from the guide.
She was even good at the photographers studio.

Here she is in her Granma's old rocking chair from her own childhood.

We had a very busy week, what with the dinners, cookouts and visits that we had. The new family made it to grandma's family reunion and left from there. With a truck packed to the gills, they set out for home in Virginia. With a side trip to the Wild Turkey Distillery in Kentucky, they both had to be back on duty by Thursday.

Both parents are in the Navy. Mom gets out in January and Son has been approved for re-enlistment. He thinks he's going to sign up for two more years.

We sure wish we could see them more often!


Stephen said...

You're a lucky man...wish I could get a hug from her. I miss mine. Badly.

Dean Carder said...

Thanks Stephen! I sure am sorry for the travails you and yours are going through!Patience will pay of in the end though.