Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fixin' The House and Cookin' The Fixins

What's been going on? I'll tell you. 'Course you knew that. Wow! Son, DIL and little Diamond are coming to see  us next week. So we have been in tornado of home improvement activity. Plumbing, rocking, painting, carpeting, vanity installed, shower up and running and more to come. Now throw in a Mothers Day cook out and my usual daily coma. The cook out. MMMM!!. I fired up my Bradley Smoker and made my renowned smoked pork butt with awesome beans and tater salad. Holy crap it was good. I also make a "semi home made" sauce. Last year I did one and the next day invited my mom up for lunch. She and her husband, my late in life step dad, eat at a lot of KC BBQ joints. After that lunch she told me that I had made the best pulled pork that she had ever eaten. This year I had some family over for the big day. FIL relayed to me that the pulled pork and beans were the best he had ever had. Cherry Pie took some to her Boss on Monday. Tuesday I spoke with him and he claimed that the pork and sauce was some the best he has had. TOOT, TOOT, TOOT!! That me tooting my own horn. Really though, it was good. Rubbed with my mix of spices, wrapped and refrigerated over night then smoked over apple wood. The final finish makes it the most tender meat I have ever seen. After the meat gets to 145 degrees internal temperature wrap it in several layers of tin foil and seal it up good then put back in the smoker. Leave it until it gets to 205 degrees internal then remove the wrapped butt and put it in a cooler and cover the meat with a heavy towel. After 2 hours of that remove from cooler and make a small opening in the top. Leave for 20 minutes then open and pull the butt. The meat will be hard to remove from the cooler as it will be falling off the bone tender.
Once the festivities were over and the carnage cleared away it was back to the grind stone.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm fading rapidly and slipping into MDC (my daily coma). I want to thank spell check, vicadin, flexeril and a host of others!  See ya later!

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