Monday, May 7, 2012

I've Been Looking

I have been looking for local or state bloggers whose ideology is similar to mine. So using the feature that your profile has, I looked at all the bloggers in my town and was surprised to find 71 of them. Lots of moms posting recipes, kindergarten classes for what ever reason, a fitness conscious woman documenting her development  using P90X and a whole bunch of preteens and teenagers that have a blog just to maybe say Hey! I'm here. And a couple that have started a blog and have never posted anything. Why, who f'n knows. So after that monumental fail I clicked on the state in my profile. WOW! Over 70k in Missouri. I waded through a thousand profiles and got squat. I guess conservative gun owners that like hot rods, switchblades, women , Harleys and don't get a thrill from the governments actions are far between. So far it's me and A Missouri Rebel. I guess that will have to to for now.


North said...

I understand. I feel like I'm a million miles away.

Julie said...

me too ...... (can anyone hear me?)