Friday, July 4, 2014

Fireworks AAR

WOW! What a difference a few hours make. I went over a couple blocks to sit in a parking lot and watch the fireworks show at the KC Riverfest. Once I had gotten settled in and the sun came down the action began. Behind me, my street sounded like a pitched battle was going on. Firecrackers galore, aerial shells, jumping jacks and many, many explosions of some sort or another. Prior to the big show I kept hearing a series of sharp explosions and went in search of them. It turned out to be my across the alley neighbor and his propane cannon. The others I could only guess as sparkler bombs, acetylene bombs or M-80's and quarter sticks. The cool thing was that the folks on my street, once they got done, swept up their mess and called it a night! By the way, my house has the wonderful odor of expended fireworks!

Have a happy Independence Day! Remember what this day is all about. Remember what those fireworks symbolize. Remember what out Founding Fathers went through to let us have the lives we enjoy today.

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