Friday, July 25, 2014

To The Knife

Kerodin speaks to an issue of which I'm fond of and working on a post about. Heed his words, read the damn Constitution and understand what those guys that wrote it meant.
The Document that we live by, that recognizes our right and freedoms also limits what the government is allowed to do. And it's not what they are currently doing and not what they have been doing for many years.

To the fucking knife!


Stephen said...

Nice. I wear two behind my back, and one on my leg. Oh, and the little cutter in my pocket. I know, I'm weird.

Dean Carder said...

That's not weird. I carry up to 4 knives daily. On my belt, in my pockets and around my neck. One for show, some for utility and at least one for defense and one for last ditch. As soon as I get a kydex sheath made for the natchez bowie I will carry that concealed per Bill Bagwell.