Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blog list update

Take a look at the blog list on the right and you will see I have added a couple of sites. The first is The Sipsey Street Irregulars. Hardcore constitutionalist and ready to take on any who violate our trust and rights. The second is lighter but still with some thought provoking humor, Day By Day Cartoon keeps me entertained on a daily basis. Check these sites out frequently. SSI has a very good article today.

Tax Protesters

I'm not a believer in the Federal income tax system. It is extortion money plain and simple. Pay up or we will imprison you or kill you. How's that for a voluntary system? It seems several government programs are run in such a manner. How's this one...get a permit to sell guns or we will hound you to poverty, imprison you or just kill you. That one is referring to an activity that had no real regulation to it until 1963. Then the .gov decided it was terrible to have the people arming themselves with things that could jeopardize the illegal, unconstitutional activities that have been going on ever since. Any hoo, in regard to income tax, look up section 861 of the income tax code some time. It is so inflammatory the IRS is deleting it from newly published code manuals. AND saying it doesn't really mean what it says. Ex-IRS agent Sherry Peel Jackson is doing time for spreading this 861 info. She was actually arrested and convicted for not paying her income taxes per section 861 but she really made the IRS mad, real mad, when she went on a speaking tour, spreading DVDs out, telling the story of section 861. But back to my point, here is a lengthy article on the income tax system.

The Obama Machine

Look at this video that details all the crap Obama is signing into law that is threatening our very freedoms. He has really been busy when not out on dates, jet setting around, going shopping and attending concerts and apologising for all Of Americas "mistakes". This man is probably the most dangerous individual to ever hold this office.

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