Thursday, February 18, 2010

Real Money II

A while back I had posted some info about a Georgia State Representative pushing a bill to make gold and silver the official currency of the State of Georgia. I don't know if that bill has been started or if it is even alive today. Now comes South Carolina to the party. Representative Mark Pitts has introduced legislation to make, you guessed it, gold and silver the official currency of the State. Once again the reason given is lack of trust in the paper, debt backed fiat dollars we are using now as well as distrust of the US market and it's ability to stay afloat. One "expert" says that gold is "unstable" and using it for money is unconstitutional as well. Unconstitutional? He should try reading Article 1 section 10 of the US Constitution which says, "No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque or Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of debts..." Maybe he needs to be made aware of a thing called the Constitution as it is evident he's not fully aware of it's existence.


I found this here a while back and I found it over here today. If you have been paying attention to the development of the US Army's NorthCom this is really interesting. It seems the Ruskies are keeping an eye on the situation too. Maybe the Roosians are making the same plans the USG is. What is all the military build up for anyway, in case the Canadians invade? Do they really need tanks and such to assist with floods, fires and earthquakes?

Shootin' Fun

I took the T/C Contender out yesterday for a little hand cannon fun. I haven't shot this thing in over a year so I was a little rusty at first but I warmed up right away. The barrel of the day was 14 inches long and chambered in 30/30 Winchester, wearing a Simmons 2-7 power pistol scope in a T/C Duo Mount. I started up with a reasonable warm up of 25 yard. I thought I was missing by a large margin but examination showed I was on as far as windage but elevation was about 2 inches low. 7 shot all clustered in a tight little 1.5 inch group. I then moved to the 100 yard range took a couple of shots and adjusted the scope and started hitting little rocks and such with every shot. COOOl! I might add that I have a generous brother in law who owns an old rock quarry and lets me shoot there. 30 shots later I was out of ammo and happy as a clam. Later I was at my brothers house and leaning on the deck and my right elbow started shaking. Brother wondered what was going on. I didn't know. Then it came to me, 30 shots of a rifle cartridge from a heavy pistol might have had something to do with it. I can't wait until I get the 45/70 barrel set up.

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