Friday, February 12, 2010

Open Policy. Riiight.

We have a man Sitting In The Presidents Chair that has continually promised open and transparent government while at the same time spending nearly 800,000 dollars to keep his background secret. We have had closed door meetings about health care, jobs, more health care, economic bailouts and a host of other items that should be open discussion for all Americans to witness. We should have seen this coming when the liberals asked McCain for his birth record and he presented them, pronto. On the other hand when the same was asked of Barry, AKA, Barack, AKA MaoBama he stalled, lied and sued to keep his birth record secret (don't hand me that crap about the faked Hawaiian COB. At the time that was one of the easiest document in the world to acquire), he sued to keep his scholastic records secret, he refused to honestly answer any questions about his youth, family, citizenship, early travels or anything that could or could not prove his eligibility to hold The Office Of The President. He and his liberal/socialist backers have stone walled at every opportunity and cast derogatory names at anyone asking question of his birth record and scholastic history. Take a look at this article and watch the accompanying video that is delving into his so called scholastic achievements. My favorite part is Barack Hussein Long Legged Mac Daddy Obama.

I find it amazing that NO ONE remembers Barry from college. Students, Staff, Faculty all claim no remembrances of him. AND, there are no photos of him in any year books, fraternity records or anything. What a mystery man! Who are his backer? Where did he come from and whose agenda is he pushing? It's certainly not the agenda of the American Citizen.

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