Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Latest Stuff

We have had a lot of stuff going on in our lives lately. The good and the bad.

The good... We received a verbal acceptance of our offer on a reposed home. We have a closing date of 2/19. There will be a lot of work coming up shortly on this project. Next my wife is looking to get an agency of her own. She was asked by a local agent to be his AIT or Agent In Training. She has filled out the application, had her phone interview and is now working on a 250 question quiz(things like do you sleep like a baby?) that she must pass to go any further.

The bad...Our daughter in law is deployed on the SS Eisenhower. She usually goes to the Persian Gulf area. This time though, Ahmadinijad says he will be shocking the world powers on February 11. Is this more bluster or is he going unveil a new rocket or... a nuclear device? Add in the factor of our son going to deploy in May or April. Closer to home, a good friend of ours has been in the hospital for several days and today the hospital discharged him to go home to hospice care. We are very worried about him...and his wife.

See how life is? The good and the bad all at the same time.

The Bank of Rip Off

I have been doing a few little things to augment my meager income. For two brothers, I serve papers on their tenants when needed. I also do a little handy man work when they need it. Any how, the last papers I served for them, they payed me with a check drawn on Bank Of America. You remember them don't you? We the tax payers got stuck with a multi billion dollar bill to bail them out in the "Stimulus Bill". So, I trot my happy little self down to the local BOA branch and actually tried to cash the 25 dollar check. No problem as long as I don't mind a 24 perf'ncent surcharge as I don't have an account with them. I explained to them the check is drawn on one of their accounts, the guy that wrote is has 10 accounts there. So what? You don't have an account here so give us 6 bucks to cash this 25 dollar check. This kind of crap is why I quit using Bank of Amerika years ago. The brothers tried to get my signature notarized on their court documents at BOA but even with 10 accounts, BOA would not notarize my signature on their papers. If you have any accounts with or do any business with BOA I pity you. From now on it's a cash only venture.

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