Friday, January 29, 2010

Goin' Fast
Another Friday night...spent the same as the Friday day. BLAH,BLAH,BLAH.
I did get to sign on our best and final offer for the repo house we are trying to buy. And I got to drive FAST to get there in time to do so. I really like driving fast. While I haven't had a really fast car in YEARS, I had the Caddy steppin' out this morning. Once in the foolishness call the teenage years, I drove my hotrod 1967 El Camino from my girlfriends house to the next town, a total of 12 miles and did 7 of them in 3 minutes 43 seconds. Scary fast in that car on a little two lane twisty state road. I sure loved that car but as you can imagine I finally blew the motor one fine spring afternoon. Now that was a RUN! I've never been able to shake that lead foot.

The SOTU speech
The pundits are tearing the State of The Union speech apart. And I agree with them. For a college educated man with a background in Constitutional Law, with a whole lot of speech writers, he sure makes a lotta mistakes. Any thing from misrepresenting the number of jobs saved to applying the wrong lineage to a quote. He makes them all. I am still not sure how he hoodwinked all those voters into , well, voting for him. Mass hypnosis? Mass hysteria? Any way he's The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair now. For over a year he has held that exalted position yet after a year he is still blaming George Bush II. This man has to be the weakest individual to ever hold that office. This Nation needs a strong conservative leadership to straighten things out. I have a good idea of where we are going to end up if we continue down the path we are headed.

House Hunting

As mention before, we are trying to buy a repo house. Maybe I'm wrong, but my retirement fund is dropping at an alarming rate and I don't see it coming back any time soon. Soooo, we are using a large portion of my retirement account to buy a house. We have found one we want to remodel and live in for a few years before selling it. It is a 60's vintage contemporary multi level home and needs quite a bit of work yet has a great foundation and structure. And at the right price....way cheap. It looks like, after reviewing the photos the agent sent in, the bank is going accept our final offer of 27 large. 2000 square feet, hardwood floors, a garage, basement, 3 bedroom and 3 baths. We're both anxious about the banks response. A little hard work and it will be a very nice home. I can do most of the work myself and I have friends and family that can do anything I can't. If you have access to readily available funds, this is the time to get a house on the cheap. We have seen several nice homes in the mid 30's and a bunch in the 70-90 thousand range.

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