Friday, January 15, 2010

Weather woes. Gun seizures. Zimbra and Mediacom

We have finally made it out of the deep freeze! The last couple of days have been in the 30's and 40's and it appears that the next few days will all be like this. Now we have rain coming though. Add the rain to the melting 15-20 inches of snow and we'll have a midwinter muddy mess. My truck is already cutting furrows in my driveway, my redneck, hillbilly, nearly illegal gravel driveway. Really, it's almost illegal in my town to have a gravel driveway. No more new ones are allowed and it is a violation of city ordinances to repair, improve or add to your current gravel driveway. In other words, when it gets so muddy you can't get in or out, you can't have some more gravel delivered but must bite the bullet and get your drive paved or concreted. As if anyone has a couple to a few grand laying around to do that. Nothin' like bureaucrats at a work.

I keep getting emails about the UN pushing their anti-gun agendas on the US and how gun seizures are imminent. OK, I know the UN is anti-gun, I've know this for years. I have heard all the rumors about gun seizure in this country for years. With something like 200 million known guns in this country, that's a lot of collecting to do. I know there is a thing called NorthCom and supposedly this command is here to enforce the presidents wishes or put a stop to any insurrections in the US. How many of those soldiers that have been fighting for the US are then going to fight the People of the US? 'Cause you KNOW if the government or the UN tries to collect all guns there WILL be a fight. In the mean time, what are you doing to hold off any UN directives on Sovereign States of these United States? Are you in regular contact with your Representatives and Senators, do you belong to any pro-gun groups that lobby congress? If all that fails have you a plan to keep your possessions? Quit talkin' and talkin' about these things and do something about it. Demand that John Bolton be reinstated as the US Ambassador to the UN, demand that the US resist all efforts of the UN to replace US law with UN dictated law.
Or get a GPS and and a shovel and start acting like a techo squirrel.

I hear that the jobs situation is not as good as the government expected it to be. No shit Sherlock. Some of those asshats in government should stay at my house for a while. No job for over a year, no prospect of a job. Excellent resume, great experience, but I keep getting rejected for jobs I have experience in and rejected for jobs that I can do because I have too much experience or no degree. I just received an email saying I was not qualified for the position of .....custodian. Custodian! I have cleaned restaurants, offices, warehouses as well as built offices and warehouses. But I'm not qualified to be a custodian. Several folks in the unemployment office say all I need is a degree. Great, no kidding. CTU online says they can get me a degree in as little as 2.5 years for a tiny little fee of 58,000 dollars. If I had 58 large I would start my own business and say FU to all the corporations that gave me all my experience but now won't hire me as I have no sheepskin.

In an effort to trim our expenses, several months ago we dropped Dish Network for our TV programming, Internet, email and phone service. We went with the local cable service for these things and knocked about 50 bucks off our bill. Great! Well maybe not so great. We have had intermittent problems with the TV reception that has stumped the technicians, we have had no phone service for the last 3 days, and they have converted their email system to a server called Zimbra. I really think a bunch of drunken kindergartners designed Zimbra. If you receive an email with pictures in it you have to click a button to tell it to display the pictures, if you want a full screen view of your email inbox you need to have the advanced version, if you want a calender, you need the standard version, if you want to cut and paste documents to an email, you have to configure the system to allow it and if you want to add a picture to the body of your email, forget it. Zimbra does not support this activity and they don't know when they will. I will say this loud and clear, Zimbra is total crap and MediaCom is total crap for keeping Zimbra. I see major changes come to this household in regards to our Internet needs. You know what's really sad though? There was nothing wrong with the MediaCom email service, nothing.

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