Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not Qualified. OAAP. What a Mix. Repo houses

After 12 years as a facility maintenance and repair man, 8 years as a supervisor or manager of facility maintenance and repair, I have been told by a prospective employer that I am not qualified to be a custodian. A custodian, an f'n janitor! See what I mean about jobs in the KC area? I'm a pretty good carpenter but with my trash knees I can't do that on a regular basis. I'm a pretty good welder and fabricator but have no certification and the knee issue as well. I'm a good painter but there is the knee thing again. Which means basically I'm only suited at this time for what I've done for the last 10-12 years, maintenance and construction management. Now they say I have to have an engineering degree to do that. Can you sense my frustration here? I still continue to look for employment but I think you can classify me as one of the chronically unemployed that have basically lost hope of finding a real job in the next few years.

Let's see, it took the One Acting As President several months to decide to send any troops to Afghanistan but only took moments to decide to sent over 4,000 Marines to Haiti. I don't have a problem with helping other countries in their time of need but how 'bout placing a little more concern on protection of our own nation in a timely manner? Have you noticed how many people and groups are abandoning the Chosen One? My how quickly the mighty can fall from grace. It might have something to do with his continued finger pointing at Bush II, even after a year in office. It might have something to do with his inability to follow through on his campaign promises to all his sycophant, grovelers and ass kissers. Or it might have something to with the unveiling of his ineptness. maybe this job is harder than he thought it was, hence all the grey hair of late.

Do you have pets? We do. Two dogs that reside in the house for the most part.Today is bath day for both of the wedgeheaded shit dispensers. I made up a soap mix that should work pretty good. I mixed up some Miracle II soap with peppermint oil, Tea Tree oil, magnesium gel and about half water. For the little long haired dog I added a little Miracle II moisturizer to the mix.
The Miracle II soap kills any fleas, and the oils help with any skin problems and the magnesium helps with rashes and aches.

We have been shopping for a repo house lately. With my retirement fund shrinking faster than it grows and the claims that it will be a couple to a few years before the market corrects itself, I decided to cash a large portion of it out to buy a house. I figure I can buy a house free and clear and sell my current house for a low ball amount and be doing pretty good. And when the housing market finally settles down I will realize a 175 to 250 percent return on my money instead of the paltry 3-12 percent over several years in a fund. And I'll have a house that isn't near a hundred years old. Any way we found a house that needs a lot of work and made a low, low bid for it. We are waiting on the bank to return with a counter offer now.

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